130 Intonachino A Calce

Thickness wall covering with lime

Breathable thickness wall covering for interiors and exteriors, with cured lime putty, minerals, natural aggregates, marble powders and inorganic pigments. Offers the best characteristics of resistance, workability and durability, together with the traditional breathability and resistance to mould, bacteria and algae. Ideal for buildings of historic or artistic interest or to create traditional aesthetic solutions on more recent constructions.

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Technical Data
Dilution: max. 3% water
Application: stainless steel spatula
Coverage 0.7 mm: 2.8 – 3 kg per sq m for two coats Coverage 1.0 mm: 1.8 kg per sq m for one coat Coverage 1.2 mm: 2 kg per sq m for one coat Coverage 1.5 mm: 2.5 kg per sq m for one coat

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