142 Intonachino Al Silicati

Silicate-based thickness wall coating

Thickness wall coating with modified potassium silicate. Breathable, non-flammable and resistant to mould. Not suitable for use on plaster or plasterboard or on old paintwork or organic coatings. Any paint on the render must be removed entirely. The support must be prepared with a coat of Silicalfix and Silicalgiolli.

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Technical Data
Dilution: Do not dilute; max. with 5% Silicalfix or demineralised water
Application: Stainless steel spatula
Coverage 0.7 mm: 2.8 – 3 kg per sq m for two coats Coverage 1.0 mm: 1.8 kg per sq m for one coat Coverage 1.2 mm: 2 kg per sq m for one coat Coverage 1.5 mm: 2.5 kg per sq m for one coat

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