311 Pura Natura

Eco-friendly, breathable, water-based paints for interiors

Breathable, water-based and eco-friendly paint for interiors. Totally steam permeable. Good degree of opaqueness and whiteness, with maximum expansion and dilation. Prevents the occurrence of normal allergies in the home. Certified by ICQ Como. For interior use only. The formulation of this paint means it is totally harmless to humans and its use is recomended in domestic environments where most time is spent, such as bedrooms. Also suitable for application on damp walls. Formulated with natural ingredients such as marble dust, water and renewable plant-based materials such as corn starch and cellulose. Exclusive use of natural elements to formulate them, without any component from hydrocarbons, allows us to save on oil use. The resulting drop in pollution from production and application makes this the ideal line for green building. Keep away from water.

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Technical Data
Dilution: with water by 25-30%
Application: brush
Coverage: 6/7 sq m per litre for two coats

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