313 Aria Pura


Ionising, washable, water-based paints for interiors

Super-washable, water-based paint for interiors. High level opaqueness and whiteness, plus ionising effect. The quality of the air we breathe depends on the amount of negative oxygen ions it contains. Negative ions are naturally present in the air through the action of ultraviolet rays from the sun, chlorophyl from plants and above all the electricity discharged from lightning during storms. A lack of negative ions in the air can weaken the body’s defences against diseases such as: rhinite, eczema, asthma, respiratory problems, various allergies, etc. ARIA PURA from Giolli, the revolutionary ionising paint, ionises and purifies the air in your home all the time without consuming energy! The special mineral components in ARIA PURA mainly emits negative ions. The electro-negativity of surfaces can be seen in the high degree of ionisation in the surrounding area, but with temperatures above + 5°C. It is also a valid barrier against the adhesion of all organic and inorganic particles, especially dirt. Ask for the certificate for the capacity to ionise and purify the air.

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Technical Data
Dilution: with water by 20-25%
Application: brush, roller, spray
Coverage: 4/6 sq m per litre for 2 coats

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