Kronos is a thick decorative covering suitable for interiors and exteriors.

Kronos is a thick decorative covering suitable for interiors and exteriors. It is a ready to use product based of acrylic-siloxane resins in water suspension with cellulose fibres and special laminated fillers. Thanks to its particular composition, Kronos is very easy to work and allows optimal adherence to a wide variety of surfaces; it also provides excellent resistance features against weather and corrosive chemicals. Kronos allows infinite ways of applications with different tools: it delivers numerous decorative effects including the old plaster look marked by the passing of the years; Kronos lets you decorate either in classic or modern style. The product is available in white color and may be painted with any of the following decorative products: Decori del Montefeltro, Ducale, Antico Riflesso, Argentea, Sensazioni and more.